Whitepaper: Jumpstart Your Transition to Value Based Care

A Strategic Guide to Successfully Deploying Medicare’s Annual Wellness, Transitional Care, Chronic Care Management, and Behavioral Health.

The successful transition to Population Health Management (PHM) will be the defining characteristic of physician practices and ACOs that consistently claim bonuses and avoid penalties under value-based reimbursement models. In an effort to smooth the transition to a PHM-based approach to care delivery, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has launched initiatives such as, Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Behavioral Health Integration Services(BHI).

If you aren’t leveraging these programs, your practice is missing out on an opportunity to build a solid PHM foundation as well as the potential to boost FFS revenue by as much 100 percent.

In this whitepaper, we will cover:

  • An overview of the AWV, TCM, CCM, and General BHI programs
  • Recommendations for their successful implementation
  • Key considerations when deciding to insource or outsource


About: Smartlink Health

Smartlink Health provides service as well as a single platform solution for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visit, and Behavioral Health Services. Our full service solution is led by a physician and a team with over 18 years of experience in care management. Our platform has evidence based protocols built into the system that guides a meaningful dialog with CCM enrollees. As a result, our clients have strong patient retention, a consistently solid revenue stream, and most importantly their patients receive better care.